Reiki with other Method / Therapy

Reiki Beaming 

It is also possible when doing Beaming to direct Reiki to specific areas.Just imagine that your hands are like radar dishesnd you are focusing Reiki on the area you want to treat. You can also direct it with your eyes by focusing your visual attention on the area. This process works better if you allow your consciousness to merge with the Reiki consciousness. Simply allow your attention to swell on your awareness of the Reiki as it flows through you. Focus your mind only on the Reiki. If other thoughts come into your mind, gently brush them away and bring your attention back to the Reiki. By doing this, you will enter an altered state that allows the energy pathways Reiki flows through to open more than normal. It will also allow your Reiki guides to more easily add their Reiki to yours. Beaming can be done at the end of a standard eatment or it can be done by itself.

Manifesting Grid

  1. Visualize your wish with you in it. 
  2. Place the earth behind it (and you). 
  3. Bring a golden grid over the picture, diagonal or spiral, running from sky to earth. 
  4. Draw the Cho-Ku-Rei over the whole picture. 
  5. Hold the image for as long as you can, then let go. 
  6. Be careful what you ask for; you might get it. 

Reiki will channel more easily and more powerfully every time you use it. Do not hesitate to use it often. The fact that our bodies react to our thoughts has been proven by kinesiology tests and studies. These studies prove that as soon as we think a negative thought, the biological organism reacts with weakness or reduced vitality. By the same token, the opposite also holds true. Positive thoughts and actions bring forward an increase in the bodily vitality factor. Reiki symbols not only increase the positive thought flow, but also provide a connecting light aspect channel from sender to receiver. Reiki healing begins on the mental plane. You have access to these elemental thought forms and their power, because of the thoughts of all the Reiki practitioners that have gone on before. You reach this every time you use the Reiki symbols. It is a gestalt of focused consciousness ready and available for connecting into, much as you would plug into an electrical outlet.

Everything is vibrational in nature. When you’re aware of your own inner vibrations, able to witness life around you as a concert of sound, to discover that you are in fact sound, then the division between external and internal becomes non-existent.

Within Sacred Sound the fundamental is not a note or particular pitch as it is in music. The fundamental is in every dimension and everything, including ourselves. The fundamental is not to be found; rather, the fundamental reveals itself in listening. Healing is always a return to the fundamental. We must seek the fundamental everywhere in our lives. If we are unable to resonate or merge with a part of ourselves, or our environment, we become dissonant or dis-eased. When we become dissonant we beat against or push away from ourselves and our environment. We lose our harmony. Harmony comes from the Greek harmos, which means, “to fit together”. When we allow ourselves to resonatewith something, we are bringing ourselves into harmony with it. The inner experience of this harmony is an experience of our own fundamental.

With each experience of resonance we move closer to our source. The closer we come to our source the more we are ‘beings of sound mind and body’. Resonance is everywhere and is always available to us. 

The Hui Yin 

The Hui Yin point is located between the anus and the genitals. To do the technique, the Hui Yin point is contracted, and the tongue is placed against the soft palate (behind the upper teeth).  


 Some masters reason that when using the Hui Yin and Violet Breath during session, a special type of high frequency Chi enters the system and passes through the Hui Yin point, making this a more powerful process.

Others go so far as to speculate that the Hui Yin must be held for the entire time you are doing the attunements to prevent the Ki from escaping from this point/area of the body. As with all speculation of this type, no one really knows what the veracity of such claims are. All I can offer is that Dr. Mikao Usui did not use this process. 

The Violet Breath 

Visualise a white mist surrounding you. Next, contract the Hui Yin point and place your tongue behind the upper teeth. Breath in and imagine a white light coming down through the crown chakra, through the tongue, down the front of the body (functional channel), through the Hui Yin point and up the spine (governing channel), to the centre of the head. 

Imagine the white mist filling the head. (This is commonly referred to as the microcosmic orbit). Now, visualise the white mist turn blue, then indigo blue and begin rotating clockwise. As the mist rotates imagine it turning to violet. 

Now within the violet light/mist visualise the Dumo symbol (see it as golden). If you decide to use this technique during the attunement ceremony, you will blow the Dumo symbol and violet breath into the student’s chakras including the crown chakra where you will project and imagine the Symbol moving into the base of the brain as you silently intone the name of the symbol. 

Reiki Psychic Surgery 

We all have dormant abilities inside ourselves waiting to be used. The ability to heal ourselves and each other is one of these abilities. It is a simple matter of claiming your power and developing the skill to use it. Psychic surgery is a tool that allows you to take charge of your inner power and use it to heal.

The main reason people are not in optimum health is because they attract or create blocks to the flow of life force energy within themselves. These blocks are usually made of ideas, beliefs and emotions that are opposed to the person’s maximum well being. They are usually created because of misunderstandings about how to get ones needs met in a healthy way. Blocks to life force energy usually take on a particular shape and lodge themselves in or around the organs of the body or in the charkas or aura. These negative energy blockages can cause health problems as well as other difficulties in life. Once they are removed, the life force energy returns to its normal healthy flow and the persons health is restored. 

Psychic surgery can be used to release these negative energy blockages. The process can assist in the healing of any problem or difficulty including emotional difficulties, relationship problems, addictions, spiritual problems as well as physical health problems. It must be kept in mind that if the person has a physical or psychological problem, it is important for you to advise them to see a relevant health care provider and let them know that you will work in conjunction with regular medical or psychological care. 

Psychic surgery can be done as part of a reiki session on others and it can also be done by you on yourself.The first step is to give the cause of the problem an identity. This will allow the client and practitioner to focus directly on the cause and release it. Giving the problem an identity can be very healing in itself as it allows one to bring the cause into awareness where it can be dealt with. This involves finding the location of a block and deciding what it looks like. 

Ask the client to think about the issue that they would like to have healed. Note that it is not necessary for them to tell you what the issue is, just for them to think about it. This can be very helpful for many clients as some issues are so sensitive that the client may not want anyone to know about them. 

Ask them to close their eyes and think of the issue. Ask them “if the cause of this problem where to exist in a part of the body, which part would it be in?” This is often easy as the client will feel tension or pain in an area of the body whenever they think of the issue. If they have difficulty in choosing an area, just ask the client to guess and reassure them that there is no wrong answer.Ask them to imagine they are looking into the area they have chosen and ask them: “If the cause of this problem had a shape, what shape would it have?” The shape to be looked for is the shape of the negative energy that is causing or represents the problem. This could be any shape at all; whatever shape they choose is fine. If a physical organ is what needs healing, the cause will not look like the organ but will be a shape attached to the organ; a shape close to the organ or it may be elsewhere in the body or even the aura. There is sometimes more than one location and if this is the case, it is important to work with the most important location first and then deal with the other locations one at a time if they are still present after the initial treatment. 

Then ask them, “If this shape had a colour or colours what would they be?” Then ask about its surface, about the texture, how heavy it would be, if it made a sound, what sound it would make or what it would say if it had a voice. Remember that any answer is ok and they don’t have to be able to answer all of them. After they answer some or all of your questions, the cause will now have a non-verbal identity that the client will be consciously aware of. This gives the client something to focus on and allows you to monitor their progress with each healing session. 

Ask the client if they are willing to completely let go of the cause and be healed now. Tell the client that you are going to send the problem up to a higher power. Ask them to focus on the shape and concentrate on letting it go. Also ask them to acknowledge and be willing to learn any lessons or receive any information necessary for the healing to take place.

The Process 

The client may be seated or laying on a reiki table. Move behind the client and draw the power symbol on the palms of both your hands and activate it by saying its name three times and either clapping your hands together or tapping each palm with the index and middle finger of the other hand three times. Draw a large power symbol down the front of the clients’ body and activate the symbol by intoning the name of the symbol three times. Now draw a power symbol on each of your clients’ charkas to empower them, activating each of them by once again intoning the name of the symbol three times. 

Now extend your reiki fingers which will be used in the psychic reiki surgery. This is done by grabbing hold of the fingers and thumb on your dominant hand with the other non dominant hand and imagining that they are made of toffee. Stretch them to about 12” to 18” or so. Breathe in as you do this several times. Then draw and activate the power symbol on each of the extended fingers and as you tap them affirm that they are extended and have substance. Do this with both hands. Move your hands around and imagine you can feel these extended fingers and the power they contain. 

Psychic surgery is done with your full focus and intention, It is much like a martial art and done with your entire being, using your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. It is done with complete confidence in your ability, knowing that reiki is all powerful and you will succeed. Say a prayer to yourself and ask that the healing take place within divine love and wisdom so that the highest good is created for all concerned. 

Ask the client to focus on the location of the blockage and be willing to let it go and be healed. Draw a power symbol over the area where the block is located.Now with the full strength of your being imagine reaching inside the body of the client and grab the negative energy with your extended fingers, pulling it out and releasing it to the ground to dissipate and disappear into the earth. Use your intuition to guide you as to the way that you pull it out. Breathe in as you pull and out as you release. 

Repeat this process as many times as you feel is necessary and feel for any change in the area. Allow yourself to be guided and try different techniques as you progress. The client may notice and be able to tell you of any changes that they observe during or after the process. Check back with the client and asks them to describe the shape now. Often the shape will change, reduce in size or go altogether. Heal the area then with Reiki to fill the location with light, step back and make a movement similar to a karate chop to sever the connection between you and the client. Also retract you extended fingers by pushing them back in to their normal size whilst making a blowing sound. You can follow this with a full hands on Reiki treatment if you have time. 

If there is any resistance and you find that despite your best attempts the shape has not changed then it may be that the block has a lesson connected to it that must be communicated to the client before it can be released.Draw the mental/emotional symbol over the area and treat with Reiki until it becomes apparent what needs to be done by the client before healing of that issue can occur. This technique works. It is powerful and is easily learned by anyone willing to take the time to try it.All of our problems are within our ability to solve and it is important to realise that there is always a higher purpose for everything in our lives. 

What we consider a problem may actually be an opportunity to learn and grow. Using inner guidance and developing new techniques which allow us to tap more deeply into our innate healing abilities is an important part of our growth process as spiritual healers. 

Placing Reiki Energy in Water 

Place your hands above a glass or container of pure water. Bottled water is best for charging as most all the polluted particles have been filtered out, unless you have access to pure spring or well water from an unpolluted source. City tap water is unsuitable for attunement work. Keep the hands about four inches above the container, and rotate in a circular motion counterclockwise, with the tongue pressed against the roof of the mouth. You are forming a vortex or gravitational field around the water. Rotating your hands smoothly, one above the other, for about four or five minutes will result in a partial vacuum in the center of the water, which draws atoms toward the vortex. Thus, you have inertia in the center of the water drawing energy in the field you have created. This is the type of water you must use in attunements for a high-self connection with your students. 

Magnetic Water - It may be presupposed that students understand the basic chemical and mechanical properties of water. This applies to the fact that water binds itself to magnetic fluid and acts as a mediator of all chemical and physical processes inside and outside the body cells. This is why transference of vital energy is possible from one human body to another. Just as water takes on surrounding smells, it can be loaded with magnetic fluid. When water is charged with magnetic fluids from human organisms, it takes on a taste very different from normal water. When they drink magnetized water, sick or sensitive people perceive a characteristic smell or taste of metal or sulphur. 

Activated water may be improved by adding fresh lemon juice or sugar to help the taste. Lemon juice also cuts the mucus in the system and helps in the absorbing of the cosmic rays. The indwellance of the color blue (high spiritual vibration) is always an added energy, which will help to raise the consciousness factor. Whenever an accomplished Sui Ching practitioner charges water with a group of students, the end result is that consciousness equal to, or above, the participant’s own level, resulting in a clarification beyond the norm. 

Spirit Frequency of Water - Water itself contains Spirit-frequencies of 106 electron count. The human body (temple) being 75% water also contains this spiritual frequency above all else. Contaminated water contains no spiritual frequency to work with. Thus, it is always imperative that you work with cleansed water. Smokers in a group attunement always change the quality of the water tastewise, but not the essence of the water alone.

Reiki Chakra healing Balls

Another I have found to work really well at the beginning of a session for my client is to initially balance the Clients chakras before I start my healing.

1) Rub your hands/palms together to get some energy movement

2) Using your hands, ensure the palms are facing each other

3) Start to feel the Reiki energy coming out of the palms and create a ball of the energy with your hands. Now actually start to move you hands as if you were using this energy to actually make a spherical ball of energy.

4) When you feel the ball has all the necessary Reiki charge then place this ball of energy into the clients root chakra and actually sense it's placement and see the clients chakra (in your minds eye) glowing the relevant colour.

5) Now channel some Reiki into that Chakra for say just one minute.

6) Move onto the next chakra and repeat stages 1-5 until you have balanced the Crown chakra.

After that carry on with your normal Reiki session etc.

This can also be used in distant healing imaging the person is sat/laying in front of you.

Tanden Chiryo (Tanden treatment)

Purpose : Tanden Chiryo is used to power -up or recharge the Tandenwith Ki. The Tanden is the seat or center of where your Ki is stored. It is located two to three fingers below your navel. I think this actually relates to the second chakra (others think it’s a mini chakra in its own right.) It’s the “source” of the persons “Ki” energy.

How to find your Tanden

This may take a little practise…

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Now take some slow “deep” breaths – slowly releasing all the Tension in your body.
  • Let your mouth open slightly, Rest the “tip” of your tongue as you inhale through your “nose” and as you exhale through your mouth place you tongue on the bottom of your mouth.


o Focus your intention on your lower abdomen, if can slightly crouch your legs a little.

o With a little practise you will become aware of the tanden point two or three fingers below your navel with each “slow” breath

o Continue to Breath as above, once you do feel the point then you have accessed the Tanden energy point of your body.

To do Tanden Chiryo simply place one hand on your Tanden and the other hand on the back of the body behind the Tanden. Keep your hands in position until they lift off by themselves.

Reiji-Ho – The Reiki Prayer

Purpose : Reiji-Ho “can” be used as a pre-cursor to a healing session

Reiji means "indication of the Reiki power" and Ho means "method"Reiji-Ho consists of three short rituals that are carried out before each treatment:

a)    Stand or sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and fold your arms in front of your chest (like praying position) and ask the Reiki energy to flow through you freely.

b)     Ask (pray) for the well being and healing of your client, in every aspect of their life.

c)     Bring you’re folded hands up to the third eye and ask Reiki to guide your hands to wherever they are needed.

You could now begin your Reiki Session on your client, you may be immediately guided to a certain area on there body that you probably may not of focused your Intent on, the technique teaches one to follow our instincts.

Try this a couple of times and see what results you get…

Joshin Kokyu Ho – Breathing/Cleansing style

Purpose : Joshin Kokyu Ho is a technique of breathing to reinforce ourenergy, to gather energy in our abdomen (tanden) and to learn how to let energy run out by our hands.

This technique is a good exercise for for Reiki ‘newbies’ as it teaches them to tangably feel this new energy and watch/feel as the energy passe through them, aslo its a great energy lifter.

The breathing will also reinforce your energy, to gather energy in your abdomen (tanden) and to learn how to feel energy pour out of our hands.

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Perform the Tanden breathing style – see the above Tanden section
  • Also as you breath in visualise that the white light coming in from your crown chakra is filling up your whole body and on the out breath expand this energy out of your body through your skin into infinity in all every direction, especially the hands.


Also as you breath in visualise that the white light coming in from your crown chakra is being pulled into your tanden and hold it there for a few seconds. Then on the out breath expand this energy out of your body through your skin into infinity in all every direction, especially the hands.

Repeat this process for a few minutes.

Note: Not to be used with anyone who has High Blood pressure orduring pregnancy. Also if you start to feel light headed (with all this energy) then please stop immediately.

 Gassho Meditation

Purpose : Gassho Meditation means “two hands coming together”(similar to the usual prayer position of your hands) in front of your chest, so your out breath touches the “tips” of your fingers. Primarily used to clear ones mind before a healing session.

Primarily this is used to teach you a breathing method using the Reiki energy and to focus the mind. When doing this activity the hands are held in the gassho or prayer position in front of the heart. This activity alone helps you to still the mind.

This technique is a good all round exercise that re-aligns your mind into a calm collective experience prior to a healing session. The more you practise this technique you body will eventually get acustomed to getting into this deep meditive state, as soon as your practis Gassho (putting your hands in front of your chest etc in a praying style).

With practise of the “Gassho Meditation”, you will bring yourself into a meditative state of oneness with everything in the universe.

Also this does not require any prior knowledge of meditation. 

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Stand or Sit but the main thing is feel comfortable
  • Close your eyes and place your hands in front of your chest, in a prayer position.
  • Focus your whole attention at the point where the two middle fingers meet and forget the rest.

If you begin to have thoughts in your mind, that’s OK, just witness them and let them pass away and simply return to the point where your middle fingers meet.

The more you practise this style of meditation the easier it gets, the main thing to remember with any mediation is don’t “beat yourself up” if you can’t quieten the mind during your meditations, just simply notice the thought patterns and return back to the concentration point, for “Gassho” that’s the point where your fingers meet in the prayer position                            

Byosen Scanning Technique

Purpose : “Byo” means “sick” and “sen” means “line”.

In essence the intention is that the Reiki healer “initially” slowly scans the client looking for the “source” of the diseases emanating from their body/auric layer(s). It is an exploration technique.

When you are scanning your client you may feel 'something' transmitted from a specific area or region. What you actually may feel depends upon the circumstances but usually you could have sensations of something moving, pulsating, intense heat, intense cold, pain, numbness, itching, tingling – something that feels “out of the unusual” – This is called a “HIBIKI

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Sit or stand comfortably next to your client.
  • Initially start with the “Gassho technique” to get centred.
  • Place your hands slightly above the body and move them around and notice. Again what you are looking for are any specific areas where you feel something “different” from the overall general sensations etc.
  • When you sense a “Hibiki” anywhere on your client. Simply hold your hands over that area. The Hibiki sensation will increase and then decrease as Reiki passes through the blockage (this is deemed as “one” cycle). Keep your hands over the Hibiki area for at least one cycle, the more the better.
  • Continue scanning the next parts of the body until done.

The key to this important exercise is to not rush and take your time, noticing any sensations that you may come across. 


Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho (Transforming negative energy)

Purpose : “Jacki” means negative energy and "Kiri" means to cut.”Joka-Ho” is a purification technique; it teaches how to cut-off negative energy from any object.

Important note: It has always been taught that this technique should never to be used on a living being (human, animal,etc.) You should use other purification techniques such as joshin kokyuu-ho or hanshin koketsu-ho etc.

Some objects you come across like jewellery, crystals etc can sometimes contain Negative energy and this technique can help rectify this.

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Perform the Tanden breathing style – see the above Tanden section
  • Place the object to be purified, in your non-dominant hand (if your right handed then place it in the left etc.).
  • Start to hold your breath in your tanden.
  • Now with your dominant hand about 2 - 4 inches above the object start make a horizontal cutting/chopping motion over the object for THREE times only.
  • Stop the chopping motion abruptly after the Third time then Release your breath.
  • Finally after this purification send Reiki to the object for a few minutes to complete the process.

Obviously if the Object is too large etc simply place it in front of you or if its still too large (Office, Car etc) then use Distant Healing with the above procedures.

 Koki-ho (Healing with the breath)

Purpose: “Koki-hoi” is usually a second degree technique, It wasreported from Dr. Usui that if one feels “heat” in your chest, mouth or nose when you give Reiki, then you can give Reiki with your breath.

Breathe in though your nose then breathe out softly, onto the area where you want to give Reiki to. This technique is useful especially when you want to give Reiki to where you cannot touch, as in a burned area of your client.

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Perform the Tanden breathing style – see the above Tanden section
  • Hold your breath for a second and draw the “Power symbol” on the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Then exhale and breath the Power symbol onto the area of the body being treated, it helps to visualize the Power symbol entering the client's body as you breathe out.

With Koki-ho you can also work on the physical body, aura or distant healing.

Gyoshi-ho (Healing with the eyes)

Purpose : “Gyoshi” means “starring” and again as Dr. Usui said that onecan also send Reiki with their eyes.

Your eyes during a typical healing session can also give out Reiki. You simply just look at the area to be healed and feel that the area be cleansed and healed. You should not try hard to focus or glare but just be in a relaxed state.

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Focus on the area of the body to be treated with your eyes for a few minutes.
  • Next allow your eyes to relax and de-focus, being gently aware of the body area.
  • Finally imagine Reiki flowing from your eyes onto the body area being treated.

This can be a very nourishing experience for both the healer and the healee.

Gedoku-ho (Detoxification technique)

Purpose : “Doku” means “poison or toxin” and “Ge” means to “bringdown”. Its prime focus is to be able to detoxify the client or incidentally yourself.

Its also been used to aid the digestion after eating and also reducing the secondary effect of medicines or treatments.

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Place one hand on their front tanden and the other hand on the back of the tanden(i.e. One hand in front of them below the navel and the other hand on there lower back etc).
  • Now let Reiki flow and imagine the toxins leaving the body, do this for at least thirteen minutes.
  • I simply imagine the toxins leaving the body through the feet back to Mother earth.

It would probably also benefit the client if they too were also imaging the Toxins exiting the body through the feet back to Mother earth.


Reiki Undo (Reiki Exercise)

Purpose : “Undo” means “exercise” and it simply implies letting thebody “freely” move. This is also used as part of “Qi Gong” training. Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Find a safe place to practise this.
  • Start by doing the “gassho” and then say in your mind, "Reiki exercise start".
  • Inhale deeply into your “Tanden” and then as you exhale just let go completely, repeat this a few times.
  • Let your body start to move by itself spontaneously. The main thing is don’t force anything so don't be dismayed if nothing “initially” happens – Keep trying, that’s the key to Mastery.

The Reiki Undo can be done on your own or in groups if you so wish.


Opening the Reiki Spiritual Chakras

Purpose : To open up the “spiritual” chakra’s and to get into anawareness state of Samadhi.

This can be a very cleansing technique and is nice to do when you need a surge of energy.

Here is the exercise:

  • Do all these steps slowly
  • Place both your hands on your “Crown Chakra” and visualise the Reiki Masters symbol there for a few minutes.
  • Next leave your left hand on the Crown Chakra and place the right hand on to the Brow Chakra/Third Eye and again visualise the Master Symbol there for a few minutes.
  • Finally place your left hand on the Brow chakra/Third Eye and place the right hand on the Throat Chakra and again visualise the Master Symbol there for a few minutes.


Powerful Healing Mantras

Practical Mantras For Daily Living can be used with reiki


Mantra to Ganesha to remove obstacles standing in you way of progress


This mantra will increase the reciters ability to learn

both educational and artistic, thus activating the light of the mind.


Activation of the first 5 Chakras, a mantra that gives a powerful boost to the days energy. Clears old negative patterns. (Viloet Fire)


This mantra to Kwan Yin will help overcome WAR. The warring of our inner selves and outer WARS of the world.


This mantra to Durga invokes a forcefield of divine protection.


Activates the light of the Heart to bring joy to the reciter.


This mantra activates the Chakra centres in a flowing motion, which energises the body and mind.


Mantra to bestow on the reciter the wisdom mind of the great Guru Padmasambliava.



The Mother of all Mantras, the Gayatri Mantra bestows upon the reciter, the wisdom mind of God. It gives one the ability to see through illusion.


To bring into our Hearts the energy of compassion and mercy for our selves and all life.


The energy to manifest abundance in all aspects of our lives.