Reiki Symbol


Reiki and Symbolism 


Now that your intention has created the ability to heal as a real option for you, it is time to add a direct connection to the Universal Life Force Energy to create in your mind specific pathways to get to this life changing, molecule moving, healing energy.A set of three Sanskrit symbols with a designate vibration of the highest spiritual implication when utilized properly are the basis of what has been called Second Degree Reiki. These symbols create the pathway, giving the intellect a specific way to reach the spiritual power that is waiting to be utilized.

When these symbols are used in healing practice, whether it be body, mind or spirit of self or others, the symbols should be visualized in violet and drawn in the mind at the same time. Drawing in the mind’s eye, plus third eye visualization of the movements, and the color violet should all be happening simultaneously. Every time the enactment of the Reiki symbols occurs, elementary forces are activated. Each symbol carries a peizo-electric impulse of specific vibratory rate. This vibration will create the perfect environment for balance within the body and remove anything that is out of balance. This can occur only to the extent allowed by the body/mind/spirit system of the one being healed.

The fact that our bodies react to our thoughts has been proven by kinesiology tests and studies. These studies prove that as soon as we think a negative thought, the biological organism reacts with weakness or reduced vitality. By the same token, just the opposite also holds true. Positive thoughts and actions bring forward an increase in the bodily vitality factor. Reiki symbols not only increase the positive thought flow, but also provide a connecting light channel from sender to receiver.

There are basically three different groups or types of symbols. Each group or type of symbol has its own unique set of beliefs regarding the nature of these symbolic forms:

The first group of symbols is those in which the power or ability to create effect is inherent in the form of the symbol. These symbols are often found and used in sacred geometry or the tattwa's. 

The five Tattwa symbols:

  • A Yellow Square representing Prithivi/Earth    
  • A Blue waves representing Apas /water 
  • A Silver circle representing Akasha/Spirit 
  • A Red Triangle representing Tejas/Fire
  • A Green Rectangle representing Vayu/Air                                                                 

Tattwa's along with to a certain extent Mandalas which are visual tools that serve either as centering devices or as symbolic compositions of the energy pattern of a deity as seen by tantric seers in their visions, are among those in which the actual shape or form is said to directly stimulate the subconscious energy patterns in the brain and energy body or physical and nonphysical reality. These symbols are said to contain the power to awaken an ability or create a result or convey mystical information and realisation of themselves with no or little action or intention by anyone. The second group envelopes the belief that certain objects and symbols like a Rosary or Prayer Beads can be charged or empowered by intention or ritual or proximity to holy places or people to contain the power to create an effect. 

The third group of symbols is those that are tools or triggers which enable you to connect with; and harness energy, a spiritual function or information etc, that exists separate from the symbol itself. The symbol is more like a light switch that can turn on the power. The symbol itself does not possess any power of its own. Most of the Symbols used in Reiki are Kanji's (written words which have esoteric symbolic meanings in some Buddhist traditions). 

We believe that the Reiki symbols are part of the third group. They are tools, keys, on/off switches to facilitate connection with different aspects of the universal energy for healing. They do not themselves have power. There are often many different ways to draw a particular Reiki symbol but they are all equally effective in connecting to Reiki - the universal life force. If you look hard enough in your future reiki study and research you will find many variations of each symbol, just remember that all variations will work and instead of worrying about which one is better simply focus of the intention and the purpose of the symbol. 

The Reiki symbols are exactly that, symbols. They are not what they represent. The Reiki symbols represent specific energy properties and functions for healing and spiritual enhancement. When anyone who is attuned to Reiki visualizes, draws or internally or externally intones the name of any of these symbols it helps them to connect them with the Reiki energy and activate the function and specific purpose the symbol represents. The distant Attunements which are provided as part of this home study course will bestow an automatic ability to work with different levels of Reiki by intention and use words or thought as the activator as well as by consciously invoking the symbols. 

Using direct intention to activate the symbols should not be seen as a default or easier substitute rather than assimilating the information and experience which you will gain from studying and using symbols. It is not necessary to understand the meanings of the symbols completely or even to consciously use them to gain and share the benefits of the Reiki system. Though it can enrich your experience to explore the meanings further through study and meditation. The symbols remind us that there are ways to focus on different aspects of the reiki energy when we use them correctly in our reiki practice. 

You may also use Reiki to focus on other aspects and purposes of the universal energy by direct intention. Other systems which have evolved from Reiki such as Seichim and Karuna use different symbols to focus on other aspects of the energy. However you can use Reiki for these functions without further attunements and with or without the use of the additional symbols. 


The Symbol can be activated in any of the following ways: 

  • By drawing the Symbol in your palm centre 
  • By drawing the Symbol with your finger 
  • By visualizing the Symbol 
  • By drawing or projecting the Symbol with or from your third eye 
  • By intoning internally or externally the symbol’s name three times: Example:- DKM - DKM - DKM. 

You can use whatever method you wish or prefer, but remember always as with everything REIKI it is the intent that counts and is of paramount importance. 

Where to apply the Symbol during a healing session? 

First draw or project the symbol on your own hands/palms and then draw or project the same symbols on to: 

  • The clients crown chakra 
  • The areas to be treated (if known) 
  • The clients hands/palms 

If you find it difficult to remember the full pronunciation or you do not want to be seen drawing the symbol, silently intone the “alias” three times, as all methods have the same energy, and as always intention is the key.

Variation in symbol:

 It doesn't matter which version of the any symbol you choose to use, always rememberit is the intention that is of paramount importance, ALL versions of the any symbol will work.  

Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol 


Pronunciation: dye-ko-me-o

Alias: The Master Symbol or DKM


It is the most powerful symbol in the Reiki group. It can be used only by Reiki Masters. This symbol is used to heal the soul. Since it deals with the soul and our spiritual self it heals disease and illness from the original source in the aura or energy fields. It helps to provide enlightenment and peace. It also allows you to become more intuitive and psychic. With practice this symbol can bring profound changes in one’s life.

The DKM symbol is a composition of three kanji’s. The kanji’s compose the mantra "dai ko myo". Simply translated, it means "great bright light" or "great shining light". It may also be interpreted as "great enlightenment". It represents the divine and the source for reiki. This symbol may simply be called the "satori symbol". This symbol is used in Buddhism and is found written in Buddhist temples; therefore, although it is sacred, it is not secret. Japanese people who are not devoted Buddhists recognize these three kanji together. Modern Japanese would pronounce it as "dai ko mei" instead. This symbol was chosen because Usui knew its inner meaning. Some say this symbol means "Great Being of the Universe, shine on me" or "Treasure House of the Great Beaming Light", but these are simply embellished translations of "great bright light".

In Essential Reiki, a variation in which the third kanji of this symbol is just a double of the kanji on the right in "myo". Essentially it looks like the kanji for "moon moon", which is unfortunate because it leaves out the kanji for sun in the whole symbol. The sun kanji is significant to the symbol as it relates to the idea of enlightenment. Stein does not actually use this symbol as she mistakenly thinks of another symbol as a replacement for the DKM, when in fact, her replacement has a different function than DKM. The symbol she uses as "DKM" is from the Usui/Tibetan tradition, and when she was given the symbol she was not taught its meaning nor given its correct name, dumo. The Usui/Tibetan tradition uses dumo to reflect the idea of mastery along with dai ko myo (although, their version of the DKM has been distorted from the actual kanji above).

To confuse the issues further, people has drawn her "dai ko myo" (dumo) differently than the Usui/Tibetan tradition, turning the symbol clockwise 90 degrees and emphasizing the spiral portion of the symbol, as she associates the Usui/Tibetan symbol with the idea of the eternal goddess in paganism and goddess-centered spirituality. 

There is another symbol also called "dai ko myo" used in Barbara Weber Ray's organization, The Radiance Technique. This symbol is quite similar to dumo. Aside from Stein and Ray, there does not seem to be too many replacements for this symbol nor as many variations as there is with the HSZSN symbol. The DKM symbol is predominantly used during each attunement to connect you to reiki and may be used for treatments as well along with the other symbols. In fact, it may be used instead of any of the other symbols as this symbol represents the source for reiki. Use your intuition to guide you in using this symbol. Meditation on the DKM may illuminate and help you to understand reiki. 

Please Note: You can choose to use all four symbols in a healing session or none at all. In others words you do not need the symbols to give reiki healing - after all, you can give reiki healing after the Reiki One attunement. Remember that the symbols are taught as a tool to aid in focusing your energy and attention. Of course the symbols can often help healing, but really it's only because it helps direct you to the healing that is needed. 

Get to know the symbols well and use them often enough to help you focus your energy, but do not become overly dependent on the symbols as once you reiki knowledge, skill and understanding develops you can work just as effectively without them. Reiki as Usui used it was simple and easy. There were few rules. It was straightforward and uncomplicated. This is how Reiki should be. Reiki of course needs to be flexible and adaptable to both the practitioner and the recipients’ needs, but Reiki shouldn't be changed, modified or adapted to the point of unnecessary complication. 

The Dai Ku Myo symbol represents empowerment; intuition, creativity and spiritual connection, it enables recognition and clarity about your true path in life. The DKM master symbol is used for activating the initiation and attunement of others to Reiki. This is the only symbol added in traditional Usui Reiki during the Master training workshop. There are a couple of additional symbols that are not originally part of Usui system that many teachers have added and we will discuss them later in this lesson. 

DKM activates a powerful energy for Self Empowerment and is used for opening Spiritual connection and intuition and cellular healing. Once you are attuned to this energy you can use it for treating yourself and others each time you activate Reiki. It is said to work at the cellular and genetic Levels and is valuable for treating Migraine Headaches. Many people have also found that the Level three Reiki Master/Teacher Attunement increases their intuitive and psychic abilities.

We have heard the DKM referred to as the vocational or life purpose function because it often seems to initiate dramatic changes in career and lifestyle. The DKM can also be used to help Manifest or attract your goals, dreams and desires into your life. To use the DKM for manifestation you activate this energy by drawing/projecting or intoning the symbol and then clearly visualize what you intend to manifest into your life or future. However, this will not bring you things that are not in accord with your high self and soul purpose.

The spiritual bodies affect the physical body. Healing at the Master level is thought to directly affect the higher spiritual body template and can lead to immense transformation and healing on all levels of being and possibly at times, Miracles.

It is taught in many healing modalities that all disease comes from blocks forming in the energy body. Reiki treatment will help remove these blocks, free stagnant energy, restore energy to depleted areas and improve the function and stability of the energy body. This contributes to physical healing and emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness. We use the Usui DKM constantly. It calls in a complete range of the most positive energy frequencies possible in each specific situation. It can also be used to clear away negativity and as a protective symbol. One focus of this symbol is the healing of the soul. The physical body reflects the condition of the spiritual body, and one can often effectively heal disease at its causal root, or spiritual level, with the DKM.The Usui Master Symbol (DKM) has several meanings. The most common is ‘The Great Shining Light”. Usui developed reiki from his experience on Mt. Kurama. He had a satori, a moment of oneness, an awakening, to his true nature. In that oneness, he created reiki.

The most common definition of Reiki can be read as “Universal Life Force”. However, the Kanji can also be read to mean the Universal life energy or spirit coming together with us. In this meaning it represents our oneness with all. This is true reiki.During the third degree, we learn the Dai Ko Myo symbol. We are one with the great shining light; the universal life force is merged with our own. This does not come about by simple attunement or a paper certificate, but through realisation. There is nothing to attain, there is no goal to reach – just oneness.The DKM is said to represent love, light and harmony. These three together represented the ultimate source in the same way that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost do. The DKM is the “Great Shining light”. This is the source. Once you know the Dai Ko Myo, you can use it for any form of Reiki healing or purpose, even in place of all the other symbols. This is both because as a triune symbol it contains the others, and because it is the first step in moving from symbol reliance to being one with reiki – the energy of life.Use the DKM everywhere and anytime you might want to use the other symbols. Use the name of it as a mantra to meditate, concentrating on the Ultimate source of all. Embrace the great shining light and let it illuminate you. Perhaps then you will come to realise that you are yourself Reiki. 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Pronunciation: Hon Sha Zay Show Nen

Alias: HSZKN or The distance healing symbol

 (Pronounced – Hōn Sha Zay Shō Nen [like “ten]) The Distance Healing Symbol.It is based on the reality that the same Divine Consciousness is in us all. The Spirit of God dwells within each of us.HON SHA ZE SHO NEN is the bridge between two worlds. It can be used to bridge time and/or space. HON SHA ZE SHO NEN is Chinese. This symbol is the ether tube connection for sending distant healing.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

HON – center, essence, origin, intrinsic nature.

SHE – shimmering light

ZE – advancing, correcting course, moving ahead

SHO – target, integrity, enlightened sage

NEN – stillness, the deepest part of it. Can be used for mental healing.Used together as a sentence, it translates to “No past, no present, no future”. 

To add power, use CHO KU REI before and after HON SHA ZE SHO NEN. Sending distant healing should be limited to 5 or 10 minutes.Can be used for release of trauma.

 Sei He Ki 

(Pronounced – Say Hey Key)

Alias: SHK or the Mental/Emotional Symbol 

The Mental/Emotional Symbol - It balances the right and left sides of the brain, bringing harmony and pea

ce. The balance we call life, describes the dynamic process of life, the world, and karma.

SEI HE KI is Japanese. The symbol is used to align the body. It balances the upper four chakras.

SEI – the state of budding, getting there just before the bloom (as in a flower). 

HE – the base chakra of balance, foundation, origin of external form. KI – energy, vital force, resonating to potential harmony, the hidden balance. 

Mainly used for emotional healing. Can be used to plant affirmations to alter negative programming and fears. Invoke for protection and purification. Clears negative energy.Releases spirit attachments. God and humanity coming together. 

 Cho Ku Rei

Pronunciation: Cho Koo Ray

Alias: CKR or The Power Symbol

Cho Ku Rei is Tibetan derived from Indian Sanskrit. The Power Symbol calls on the higher power to heal. It increases the power of Reiki – a light switch. Clockwise: Releases blockages & pulls out negativity. Counterclockwise: Increases power in one spot.

"Place the power here” “God is here”. It Increases your ability to access Reiki energy increases many times. The circular shape represents a conch hell symbolizing calling to the heavens. This symbol directs and focuses power. 

CHO – curved sword, movement

KU – penetrating to make whole, space, nothingness, whirlwind, spiral REI – Universal soul, spirit, transcendental spirit or mysterious power CHO KU REI is the void. When calling upon the heavens, the energy is manifested as a spinning movement within the void where all power is created.

CHO KU REI penetrates, cuts through, empowers. It is also used for transformation (dying).Used in opposite direction, helps bring you the void during meditation. Bracket or sandwich other symbols with CHO KU REI. Do reverse CHO KU REI over your own head when starting to meditate Do CHO KU REI on your palms before healing to increase energy. 

Non Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol 

There are a number of non traditional Reiki Master symbols available that you can choose to use or simply ignore. We personally only use the DUMO out of all the symbols discussed in this lesson. We are providing this additional information purely for educational purposes. As such we cannot offer too much insight if any on how affective they are. Our advice would be, if you feel drawn to them intuitively, then try working with them and decide for yourself based on your experiences and your client’s feedback if you would like to use them in your own reiki practice. 

DUMO or “Tibetan Master Symbol”

This symbol, DUMO, is pronounced ‘do moe”. 

It represents the swirling fiery heat of the Kundalini. Dumo or Dumo Fire is the heat which ascends up and over the spine as a result of the Kundalini awakening. It is said that the unification of mind and body produce the emanation of heat.Dumo is thought to be the igniters of the Sacred Flame or Kundalini fire. It is said that Dumo unifies the mind and body and works with the fire in the base chakra. Those who use the Dumo claim that it pulls negative energy and disease out of a body, room, or situation and releases it. Those that practice with crystals report that it can be used on crystals so that they self-clear. It is used in the attunement process with the Violet Breath where it is visualized in gold.

Fire Dragon, Fire Serpent

There are a number of Reiki branches which use the Tibetan Fire 

Serpent before the attunement process and before a reiki healing session. The snakelike coils represent the Kundalini energy, which is visualized as coiled energy at the base of the spine that surges upward through the body as the coils unwind. The surging energy of the Fire Serpent symbol cleanses and joins the chakras.

The Fire Serpent symbol opens the Chakra system and brings them back into equilibrium. This allows the Reiki Healing energy to flow into the person receiving the attunement. Typically, it would be drawn down the back of the person receiving an attunement.


Harth = Love, Truth, Beauty, Harmony, Balance 

This is the symbol for the heart from which healing and love flow.



Raku - The Lightning bolt

Summary – Excellent for aiding in the removal of energy blockages 


Draw it over areas of energy blockage and/or pain. Branches within the Reiki community use the Tibetan symbol Raku which is often used to close the connection between teacher and student after an attunement ceremony. Some 

people use it at the end of a reiki healing session to close the energy between the recipient and the reiki practitioner. Similar to an image of a lightning bolt the Raku symbol focuses and grounds (brings into the earth) the reiki energy. This symbol is also incorporated into the Tibetan Dai Ko Myo (Tibetan Master symbol) and in an elongated form in the Tibetan Fire Serpent.

The Raku - the lightning bolt symbol can also be used to help to lift negative Karma, and bring the student to higher level of consciousness during an attunement. Some Reiki practitioners and masters use it to draw the energy from the universe into their body and the body of the recipient.Raku - The LIGHTNING BOLT symbol is an excellent and very powerful method of dispelling “doldrums” and unwanted past belief systems. You can use this symbol to remove/release an energy blockage. 



Zonar = Infinity, Timeless, Eternity. This is the first of the missing Reiki symbols.





 Sounds like “tam ara sha” Alias – “The Balancing Factor”

Brings unity of Physical; Emotional; Intellectual; and Spiritual aspects.Summary - Grounds and balances the energy. Helps un-block the energy chakras centers allowing the energy to flow.The Tam-A-Ra-Sha is a Balancing/Unblocking symbol. To completely unblock yourself sign it over or around your feet. Signing this symbol over pain helps reduce the pain or dissipate it altogether.


INFINITY “Flowing of Creation” 

Summary – Aligns oneself to God, nature and the inner self, Activates the flow of Seichim energy

 The INFINITY symbol empowers and enforces the true flowing of creation through the divine Ying and Yang, which has no end. This can be used at the Start of a Seichim-Reiki healing session. Sign/draw the Infinity symbol in your palms to active the Seichim energy. It is not a must to activate Seichim before the Reiki - you can mix and match the symbols as you wish.Empowers and enforces the true flowing of creation through the divine Ying and Yang which has no end! 


 Sounds like “may yer ma" Alias – “The Heart

 Summary – Good for healing relationship issues and opens up the heart center. 

The MAI- YUR-MA symbol heals the heart. It opens up the heart and clears away emotional trauma. It c

an also bring in trust and understanding and promotes a very positive reaction from the client. 


 Angel Wings 

Summary – Self- realization of your potential - "to give it wings". This symbol brings in energy to help the person/situation reach its highest possible potential. This can be used in every treatment as it connects you with the universe.


Seichim CHO-KU-REI Symbol (similar to Reiki symbol CHO-HU-REI) 

CHO-KU-REI- The Magnifier

Empowers and magnifies all other Symbols. Activates the properties of making things whole. Can also be magnified to the power of 3, 7, or 9.



Sounds like – “cho (as in blow) koo ret" Alias “Zara” "

Summary – This symbols empowers the world around you – it will awaken the things/objects/people around – awaken the consciousness within and around. This can be used everywhere you go, just experiment.


Eeef Tchay 

Sounds like – “if ter cha” Alias “Endless Inner Wisdom"

Summary – This symbols is commonly used to open the Brow chakra/Third Eye. It’s an aid to achieving Inner Sight. It’s said it allows one to see through the different veils of illusion to see things as how they really are.

  Male/Female balance 

Summary – This symbols helps to remove the duality that prevails in all things. It helps to find balance in ourselves. Some of us are too “yin” and others are too “yang” (i.e. Too much one thing) so in essence this symbol addresses that and re-aligns/balances the energy. This can be useful in healing emotional issues for yourself or your client.



 Summary – This symbols helps to align the Higher, Lower and God aspects of someone so they all work together for the highest good of the individual. This can be used balancing, gaining clarity over an issue or just prior to a healing session.


White Light

White Light is pure Life force. The vibration of this symbol is called the primal energy of Life directly from the Creator.

 The modern DKM

The modern DKM as used in the Kurama temple is to represent “Sonten’. Sonten is the "Living or Supreme Soul of the universe." Sonten is Glorious Light or Great Shining Light this is what the DKM represents. At this level, (as one of the meanings of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen indicate - "God and man are one”) one realises, as a wave is water and the water manifests as wave, that they *are* reiki, they *are* the great shining light and always were and have been.

 Healing with Antahkarana Symbol

1. Simply sticking or placing Antahkarana in any room is enough to create an illness free and healthy atmosphere.

2. It is most effective in fighting any illness.

3. Any object or anything placed between 2 Antahkarana symbols will be cleared of all negativities.

4. Male and female Antahkarana symbols neutralizes any kind of energy.

5. Crystals can be cleansed by placing them between 2 Antahkarana symbols.

6. Place Antahkarana symbol under bed or mattress to promote better sleep.

7. Place Antahkarana symbol on chakras to balance chakras.

8. Charge your food and water to purify by placing it on Antahkarana. It acts as a detoxifier.

9. Place near electronic gadgets to reduce EMF effect.

10. Meditation with Antahkarana symbol gives inner clarity, improves immunity and establish stronger connection

with spiritual realms.

11. If you are going through unbearable heartache, placing a Cosmic Cross symbol helps release the pain.

12. Sticking or placing it anywhere in room neutralizes negative energy as well as transmute it to positive energy.

13. Dispels negative effects from medicines when placed beneath medicines or in first aid box.

14. During Reiki sessions, place symbol directly face down on chakras or organs and give Reiki by placing palms

few inches above it. It amplifies Reiki healing.

15. Keep symbol on or under working desk to keep negativity and psychic attacks off from colleagues.

16. Make a sandwich of 2 Antahkarana symbols and your/client’s pic/name for faster and optimize healing.

17. A printed cloth of Antahkarana symbol is helpful in healing as you can easily place it on client.

18. If you feel blockage in any chakra, you can opt for square Antahkarana symbol and give Reiki.

19. Sit on any Antahkarana symbol to ground yourself.

20. Take a printout of the symbol and use it as a crystal grid base.

21. Just keeping it near your aura can bring positive effects on aura and chakras.

22. Put along with your angel/tarot deck to cleanse the decks.

 Versions of Antahkarana Symbol

  • Male Direct, intense and penetrating energy. Use when you need fast healing.
  • Female Nurturing and gentle energy. It is not as intense as Male Antahkarana energy. You can use this for subtle and relaxed healing.
  • Cosmic Cross Opens heart chakra to positive energy and accept love.
  • Squares Removes negativity, blockages and stagnant energies. Helps energy flow freely. It is advisable to ground yourself with Male Antahkarana symbol after using square symbol.