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Reiki Attunements 

Much has been written about distant attunements in Reiki. In our experience, and more importantly in the experience of the many thousands of reiki students who have completed our reiki home study course and received distant attunements from us has shown that distant attunements are just as effective as attunements received in person during a workshop or therapy session. 

Distant attunements are ideal for people who are unable to travel; or attend a workshop, or who have an urgent need to become attuned to and use Reiki for personal healing for example or because they would like to pursue a path in teaching and healing. Distant Attunements allow reiki to be spread around the world. All distant attunements should be conducted to the highest professional standards with an strong emphasis on attention to personal detail. 

We use an attunement booking form on our website to organise the attunements for our own students. However, you could also use others methods like email, phone or in person to setup distant attunements for your own students. 

The Benefits of Reiki Attunements 

Just as the sacred Reiki symbols facilitate distant healing; allowing reiki practitioners to treat clients anywhere in the world, it is also possible for a Reiki Master to perform the attunement ceremony to initiate students distantly around the globe as well. 

However; it is important to remember, that although distant attunements enable the recipient to practice Reiki, they must also make the commitment to read and assimilate the information provided in our video home study course manuals, reiki store website members area or by attending a workshop to ensure that they are working in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Usui method of healing. It is also vitally important to practice reiki on yourself and others, to gain experience and a better understanding of the energy. 

Many people who are dedicated and motivated self starters have become competent Reiki practitioners and master/teachers after remote distant attunements. In fact we have helped over 2000 Reiki Students around the world achieve their dream of becoming a reiki masters thanks to distant attunements. 

One of the great benefits/uses of reiki distant attunements is when a non reiki individual and/or Reiki practitioner suffers a family or close friend wellness emergency and they desperately want to help them but cannot get to that friend or family member due to logistics (they live in another part of the world). 

The non-reiki individual or reiki practitioner can contact a reiki master and request that they attune the sick individual to reiki level 1 distantly so that the sick individual can perform self treatments to aid in any medical treatment and/or distant reiki or spiritual healing.

The great thing about reiki is that it requires only minimal training so the sick individual can be given simple instructions on where to place their hands even if it is only on one location to perform a self treatment – Reiki will always go where it is needed. 

How the Recipient Should Prepare for the Attunement Ceremony 

There are a few things the recipient should do in order to prepare for the distant attunement ceremony that will help to enhance their experience. You should provide guidance to your students so they are ready and open to receive the distant attunements. 

The Recipient/Students should prepare for the distant attunements as follows: 

  • The Recipient should have agreed and booked a day, date and time which is convenient for them when they will be able to take at least 30 minutes to sit down in a comfortable chair and relax without being disturbed. They should unplug their phone, turn off their mobile and switch off any other devices that may spoil the moment/ceremony. 
  • The Recipient should ensure that the temperature of the room that they have selected to use for the distant attunement ceremony is comfortably warm, so they can completely relax. 
  • The Recipient could also burn candles or incense sticks to help clear the room of any negative energy and help set the right mood/ambience. 
  • The Recipient should if available and desirable play appropriate relaxing music during the attunement ceremony. They should choose a piece of music that is at least 30 minutes long or play the music on a device that will allow the music to repeat continuously. The recipient should choose a piece of music that either means a lot to them or they find relaxing. We recommend using The Reiki Chant or Heartbeat which is included with this reiki master home study course. 
  • The Recipient should wear loose fitting clothing and remove all jewellery if possible (remove belts and any articles of clothing that may be restrictive or uncomfortable). 
  • The Recipient should try to avoid junk food, stimulants and alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to the attunement ceremony. Junk food and alcohol can steal vital energy and make the recipient feel tired and low and spoil the reiki attunement experience. 
  • The Recipient should approach the ceremony with an open mind. It is really important that the Recipient’s intention to receive the attunements is clear and true. The Recipient should check their scepticism at the door and be fully open and willing to receive the attunements. Reiki is 100% natural and safe. The Recipient should just relax, let go and enjoy the experience.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The recipient DOES NOT need to be connected to a PC or Laptop and they DO NOT need to be near a phone. The attunements are sent using the intention and surrogate method and the reiki symbols as detailed in our reiki home study course. They just need to be relaxed and open to receive the attunements. 
  • The Recipient should aim to be sat down, prepared and ready at least five minutes prior to the agreed time of the distant attunement ceremony. 
  • The Recipient should have their eyes closed, they should be focussed on their breathing, become aware of the music and silently intone a small prayer stating for example “I (INSERT YOUR NAME), ask the universal life force to connect me with my Reiki Master and participate in this sacred attunement ceremony. I am ready, open and willing to accept the Reiki Attunements”. 
  • At the end of the attunement ceremony, the Recipient should take whatever time they need to come back to full awareness and then wash their hands in cold running water as well as drinking a glass of cold water to ground themselves and break the connection to the Reiki Master performing the distant attunements.

Attunement Preparation and Personal Hygiene 

  • During the attunement ceremony you will come into close contact with your student. As you will be touching their hands and shoulders and blowing the symbols into their chakras therefore it is vitally important that you are clean and you smell nice. 
  • So make sure that you shower, apply deodorant, perfume or cologne, brush your teeth and if required use a mouth wash. 
  • Avoid eating smelly foods that contain things like garlic and of course avoid drinking alcohol. 
  • Make sure the room where the attunements are going to take place is tidy, smells fresh and is clear of any negative energy. 
  • The attunement ceremony can be a very moving experience so ensure that you have a box of tissues handy just in case your students begin to cry with the emotion of the cerem.


1) Settle Yourself Down In A Comfortable Sitting Position Wearing Sandal Or Keep your feets over non conductive surface  And In A Place Where You Will Not Be Disturbed For At Least 30 Minutes And, If Possible, With Some Space All Around You .
or if u are not able to sit, u may lay down on bed.
2) Try Not To Cross Your Legs Or Arms And Make Sure To Leave Your Hands Open And Palms Upward Faceing To Sky.
3) Switch Off The Phone, TV , Ask People Not To Disturb You And Play Some Soft Music, If You Like .
4) A ) Pray Gratitude To Yourself .
B) Pray Gratitude To The Universe, Your Higherself, Your Guardian Angel, Your Spirit Guide, Your Mother & Father, Your Reiki Master .
C) Invocation :- I Instruct My Body And Myself To Only Accept Energies That Are In Alignment With Love , Light And Life.
 Pray Gratitude To The Reiki .
6) Then Simply Relax, Open Yourself To Energies And Let The Attunement Take Place. You May Feel Warmth Or A Light Breeze, Tingling Or Numbness. You May See Colours Or Sense A Presence Around You. Or You May Feel Nothing At All . Whatever You Feel Or Don’t Feel, The Attunement Will Work.
7) When You Sense The Attunement Has Finished, Try To Sit Another 10 to 15 mins, Than Slowly Open Your Eyes And Take Your Time Getting Up.
8) Drink Plenty Of Water And Make Sure To Get Enough Rest .
★★★ NOTE :- One Technique Which Is Helpful To Get The Best Result Of The Attunement When Receiving The Attunement Is To Start By Focusing That A Brilliant And Pure Bright White Light Comes From The Sky And Falls In Your Head And Your Are Fully Covered By This White Light. It's My Suggestion To Receive The Attunement For 3Days Regularly, One Time Is Enough, But 3 Times Are Better . Do It, Than You Will Be Able To Realize Why I Said It ★★★

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