Reiki FAQ

Reiki – Which one?

There are several Reiki styles/techniques being taught through the world such as (Usui Reiki, Reiki,Tibetan, Reiki,Shamballa, Reiki,Sacred Path Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki, Seichem, Karuna Reiki, Karuna Ki, Seichim 7 Facet, Extended Seichim Reiki, Isis Seichim, Traditional Japanese Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, Atlantis Healing System etc..).

Each one of these uses a different method to focus and attract the "Reiki" healing energy. Each style of Reiki has slightly different techniques and symbols.

The problem is, many of the Reiki styles are now different/distorted from the original developed by (Usui Shiki Ryoho). I have stayed with the Original teachings (Usui) and attune people to these. I feel the different styles of Reiki are alterations made by individuals and therefore I prefer to stay with the Original (Usui Shiki Ryoho).

Reiki Protection – Is it required?

You may have heard about other Energy healing methods that require protective meditation or preparation before working with energy on the client. Some NON-Reiki healers have mentioned they themselves initially take on the ailments of the clients (headaches, aches and pain, feeling tired etc…) and cannot then give healings until they feel better again. There is a Reason for this!

With Reiki, the above never occurs as Reiki energy heals every time. You have been attuned and connected to The Divine Universal and the energy is always properly earthed/released without “any” participation from you.

The Clients ailments are not deemed a result of Negative energy – rather energy released as a headache, back pain or similar. It’s the end result of issues/blockages within their own energy/chakra system (the cause of allailments - see the appendices for more info) . Reiki uses “you” as afacilitator to transfer healing energies to the Client. It “knows” how to earth any energies that may be hindering the Client (this is the essence of Reiki). NON -Reiki healers “manually” earth themselves before/after each healing and in doing so take on the ailments of the Client.

When you are giving a Reiki healing, you are also receiving healing as the Reiki energy passes through you.

However, if you feel the “need” for some type of Earthing/Protection then the Appendix lists some techniques that will help. It is entirely up to you what you feel comfortable doing before a session commences.

What actually are the Reiki attunements?

Reiki attunements are received from a Reiki Master. The Reiki Master is channelling/passing Reiki frequencies/energy into the initiates aura/spiritual body so they can directly benefit from Reiki themselves at whatever level the Master Reiki teacher has attuned them too. The Reiki Master has attuned their frequencies to permanently receive the Reiki energy.

How did I receive my initial attunements and how does distant healing work?

Everything in the universe is made up from energy particles, these are not just randomly floating around but form the omniscient, all-knowing blueprint for creation.

This vital living energy force (some call it God, Buddha, Love or similar) comes in different manifestations - one of those being the frequencies in which Reiki was born.

Living or dead everything generates a frequency. The Reiki Master teacher “attunes“ the recipient into the Reiki healing frequencies (Its like finely tuning into your favourite radio station). The Reiki Master can thenlock these frequencies into your “aura” by means of using the Secret Reiki symbols, re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui back in March 1922. It is these symbols which have been closely guarded with some teachers still charging up to 10,000 dolloar, ruppes, euro etc (the usual price to train to be a Master until around 10 years ago).

For all this to work the initiate/client does not need to be physically in the presence of the Reiki Master. Attunements can be given easily via Distant Transmission.

How do I know I’ve been attuned?

You may feel more energised. You are in receipt of the Reiki Secrets, plus have been attuned to the Reiki Healing frequencies - both can be used for the benefit of yourself and others.

Importantly, you will usually feel energy as you pass Reiki onto others.

What are Reiki Symbols?

The Reiki Symbols are tools to help direct energy.

Can I attune myself again, if so what happens?

You can always re- attune yourself at any level or go through all the Initiations again. It is suggested to look at yourself in mirror as you do each Initiation as this seems to enhance the effect.

Re-attunement is connecting back to the divine intelligence and asking for the frequencies to be re-attuned onto yourself. It adds to and improves your connection to the Reiki energies.

You don’t need to re-attune your self to any levels as uou are already a Master of Reiki and Seichim but it is OK to say re-attune your self to Reiki Level I again to experience/Master the Initiation stages as you may want to “practise” before training others into Reiki.

Again all it does is enhance and clarify the Reiki energies you receive, you don’t loose your Master level initiations, regardless of what re-attunements you are doing, as they are there for Life!

Can I take all the attunements onto someone in one session?

Some Reiki teachers state that the different initiations Reiki I, II level should be given over a period of time, I have never felt this the case. You can receiv all your Initiations in one session. Awareness of attunement is not required, permission is though

The teacher allows your aura to receive the Reiki frequencies at whatever level he/she is attuning you to.

As regards Initiation, different Reiki handbooks (see the appendices) give a variety of views. If the Client is present, it is suggested to separate each initiation by one week so that he/she can look forward to each sitting.

However, as stated, you can initiate in one session.

Importantly, don’t rush any initiation. Also, the experience can be enhanced by asking the initiate/client - once seated and with their eyes closed, to place their feet on a small “warm” sand sack.

A feeling of deep warmth/cold may occur in your hands as you are attuning other initiates/clients - this is completely safe and each person reacts slightly differently to the attunement into the healing frequency.

Are there any pre-requisites?

Only a willingness to use the healing abilities sincerely and for the good of all others. A clear and open mind is also of benefit.

Do you ever get tired or run down from giving Reiki treatments?

Reiki is a channelled healing. The Reiki practitioner's energies are not depleted. The practitioner's energy is not being used.

The practitioner is channelling “Universal Life Force Energy” - the energy that surrounds us all and sustains life!

The energy is from the "God Source" - the "Higher Power".

Note: as the Reiki practitioner channels healing energy, he/she receives the benefits as well! Giving a Reiki treatment boosts the practitioner’s energy level and opens the door to feelings of love and contentment!

Do you need to concentrate in order to channel the reiki energy?

This is one of the more interesting observations of Reiki. When a Reiki practitioner's hands are placed physically on or near any living organism, the Reiki flow activates automatically.

There is no conscious effort needed on the part of the practitioner. If you have been initiated to Reiki, you can place your hands on or near the body of yourself or others and the Reiki energy flows.

Does Reiki have anything to do with religion?

Reiki is not a religion. It holds no doctrines, creeds or contradictions to the Universal Laws of Consciousness and Love. Reiki is very spiritual in nature, but there is no belief required in order to learn and use Reiki. In fact, Reiki will work whether believed in or not!

When you are giving someone a treatment, what are you feeling? How do you know the energy is flowing?

Within a few seconds of placing hands on yourself or another, the palms may start to pulse and will become potentially hot/cold or start to tingle. These sensations may continue for the whole treatment.

On certain parts of a client's body, the hands can be extremely hot! However, it is important to note that the sensations can vary from treatment to treatment - the energy felt by the practitioner can be very different in nature to that felt by the Client. For example, the practitioner experiences his hands cold and the Client feels intense heat. After a period of time on one body position, the Reiki switches off. It switches on again when the hands are moved elsewhere. When one area is `fixed', you move on to the next.

Can the flow of Reiki energy alter strength?

The flow of Reiki seems to vary according to the degree of disharmony in the person/animal. When patients are seriously ill or very emotionally upset, the flow of energy is stronger. Reiki energy flow is directly connected to the degree of disharmony in a person’s body/mind.

Can Reiki be used with other therapies?

Reiki can be successfully combined with other therapies - it is completely safe and activates natural healing energy within us. It will enhance the effects of other complementary healing arts such as massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy, chiropractic, colour therapy, homeopathy and many others. Many practitioners of other healing methods have reported positive developments in their work since learning Reiki.

Are the Reiki flows the same in both hands?

Unlike some other therapies - with Reiki there is no `giving' or `receiving' hand (the energy flows are the same in both hands and actually the eyes as well).

Is the Reiki flow affected by the health of the practitioner?

A very sick/weak person correctly initiated into Reiki can still give treatments as strong and as effective as a Reiki Practitioner in good health. Reiki energy does not come from the physical energy of the practitioner.

Can you treat yourself with Reiki?

Because Reiki operates independently of the practitioner's body, practitioners can lay their hands on their own bodies and enjoy all the benefits of Reiki.

Is Reiki open to everyone?

Any person can have the Reiki activated in his or her hands.

It is even possible to initiate people in comas. Provided you receive all four of the Initiations you will have the Reiki in your hands for life.

Are there any harmful side effects from Reiki?

There have been no reported cases of negative effects from Reiki. However, some people have observed initial discomfort - this is due to the body undergoing a healing process.

People with a great deal of accumulated stress or emotional blocks may at first experience everything “coming up” as the Reiki treatments take effect.

Can you use Reiki on animals and plants?

Animals tend to respond faster to Reiki than humans.

Is really great to be able to give your pets’ reiki since domestic animals tend to take on the stress and emotional traits of their owners. Plants also respond to Reiki because they are living energy fields that can be out of balance and will respond to the harmonizing effects of Reiki.

What’s next now I‘m attuned?

For complete Mastery, it is important to become familiar with the Reiki. Initiation procedures and all the symbols. Also, to practice and use your new found healing gifts.