Consulting strategy

Welcome to Occultstaar, we are world no1 consultancy of vastu shastra astrology and numerology along with all the occult science.  We provide one stop solution for your entire problem via vastu shastra, astrology and numerology and many other ways. 

We provide systematically step by step consultancy on vastu by identify the problem at root cause level. Identifying of problem at root level is a major task, after identifying problem we provide accurate solution which directly hit the target only. Important step for accurate solution is the exact degree calculation without single degree deviation with perfect division of zones as per your building or home. The solution is to be given by taking care of no structural damage, minimum changes, no side effect, stylish look as per modern architecture etc. After providing solution we keep tracking of accurately Implementation or execution of solution.

Just like our soul is made up of 3 element Air, space, fire and our physical body/ death body (without soul) is made up of 2 element earth and water when these all 5 element merge and then form living being. Increasing and decreasing of all elements are keeping happening as per life style. Those imbalance and disturbance of 5 elements give illness, diseases, behaviour changes etc for example anger is because of increasing of fire element.

Same as we need to balance 5 elements in building. By providing any solution we ensure all the 5 elements are properly maintained in building which is very essential from growth, prosperity and healthy being.

All the solution of vastu is given by take care according to individual lifestyle. Just like each and every person choice, life , likes and dislike are different same as vastu is to be done by taking care according to individual birth chart, lifestyle, goal etc. 

We are committed to deliver result with 100% result. Our strong authentic knowledge, our experience along with strong strategy with satisfied customer is our core power which keep us motivate. We take complete responsibility of our work; we take care of all pre-consultancy and post-consultancy work. pre-consultancy services includes we guide our customer to get arrange accurate data like birth date, birth time, house map, floor plan, family detail, need of service and so on.

Post-consultancy services include work after check, satisfaction level, results and any other side effect rectification. Oh yes it is most important this many consultants due to lesser knowledge of true authentic knowledge not able to rectify and many a time this create big problem.

WE will provide you complete report about do and don’t specifically generated according to your home birth chart.